15 Tips to Build Better Banking Product Comparison Pages

Most banking websites convert only a small portion of overall visitors. One of the reasons potential customers abandon digital channels is because they simply cannot find what they’re looking for or become overwhelmed by the decision of which product to buy.

If a customer was in a branch and asked ‘what are the fees for this product?’, a teller wouldn’t respond by sending them to a PDF link of a Product Disclosure Statement. Yet this is what many product pages do online.

One of the best types of web pages to help consumers find what they’re looking for and reduce abandonment rates is a comparison page. But rarely do companies invest in these pages even though they can make an enormous difference to online sales.

In this article we’ll look at proven techniques for how to create fantastic comparison pages and, in so doing, help consumers and increase online sales.

Read the full guest post on The Financial Brand website….

7 Ways Roadmaps Make Good Companies Great

Everywhere I’ve worked a good roadmap is essential. At first I couldn’t understand why everyone in the organisation kept asking for the roadmap. Over my years in strategy roles I’ve come to realise roadmaps make good companies great.

7 ways roadmaps make good companies great

In this post we’ll look at seven ways roadmaps help companies focus on their priorities and achieve strong performance. Read More…

5 Principles from Japanese Gardens for Exceptional Digital Design

Japan is one of my favorite destinations. I always enjoy the artistry and culture of the country.  On a recent visit, I reflected on 5 principles of Japanese Zen Gardens which could benefit the way we approach digital design.

Read:  5 principles from japanese gardens for exceptional digital design

In the pressures of today’s business, we may not always be able to realise these principles. But like the stone garden’s themselves, the principles are a reminder of what to aspire to, and even if these cannot be achieved every day, reflecting on these principles may make improve our daily practice. Read More…

How to Build Your Intelligence System in Less than 30 Minutes

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that today’s leaders are expected to have a strategic mindset. We are expected not only to know our company’s strategy, but also to have an eye on the market, and the emerging issues and trends that may disrupt profitability.

Link to "How to Build Your Intelligence System in Less Than 30 Minutes"

But there’s enough to get through in a single day, without having to scour trade journals.

What’s needed is a way for leaders to create their own market intelligence system, so they are better equipped to spot emerging issues before they happen. While there’s no such thing as prediction, there are ways to extend our foresight. Read More…

5 Ways Online Careers Drive Intrinsic Motivation

I’ve been reading Daniel Pink’s book “Drive” which looks at some of the surprising science around motivation.

5 ways online careers drive intrinsic motivation

A key principle of the book is that people are motivated more by intrinsic rewards (eg. enjoyment of the task, sense of challenge), more than than explicit rewards (eg. bonuses, increased pay, etc). This controversial insight has created ripples in conventional management wisdom. Read More…

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