3 Drawing Apps that Might Make You Ditch Your Sketchpad

I love to sketch. I have loved it since I was a kid. For a time, I forgot. Then several years ago I remembered. I started sketching again with A4 sketch pads. I tried a stack of them. Finally I found my sketch pad of choice at a local artists supply in Melbourne CBD.

3 drawing apps that might make you ditch your sketchpad Then I started using a tablet. I tried the iPad. I moved to a Samsung Tab. Then I tried the Samsung Note. Now I’m back onto the iPad. Read More…

The Sure Fire Guide to the Ultimate Pitch Deck

In almost every aspect of our life we have to pitch. We pitch ourselves for jobs and our projects for funding. One of the biggest areas where pitches matter is to get your business idea off the ground.


A good pitch can make the difference whether the idea gets marketing support, wins top talent, finds a sponsor, and even gets the $100 million of venture capital to go global.

In this post we look at proven pitch frameworks to get your idea the attention it deserves and some of the biggest example pitch decks of the last 10 years. Read More…

5 Questions Great Leaders Ask of New Hires in The First Month

If you’re a leader in an organisation, there’s a strong chance you have had to hire people.

With any new hire, the first 4 weeks are crucial. This is the time the new recruit starts to learn the ropes, gets to know people, and sets themselves up for success.

Go To "5 Questions Great Leaders Ask of New Hires in The First Month"

But there are a few questions only the best leaders ask of new recruits to drive performance. Read More…

15 Tips to Build Better Banking Product Comparison Pages

Most banking websites convert only a small portion of overall visitors. One of the reasons potential customers abandon digital channels is because they simply cannot find what they’re looking for or become overwhelmed by the decision of which product to buy.

If a customer was in a branch and asked ‘what are the fees for this product?’, a teller wouldn’t respond by sending them to a PDF link of a Product Disclosure Statement. Yet this is what many product pages do online.

One of the best types of web pages to help consumers find what they’re looking for and reduce abandonment rates is a comparison page. But rarely do companies invest in these pages even though they can make an enormous difference to online sales.

In this article we’ll look at proven techniques for how to create fantastic comparison pages and, in so doing, help consumers and increase online sales.

Read the full guest post on The Financial Brand website….

7 Ways Roadmaps Make Good Companies Great

Everywhere I’ve worked a good roadmap is essential. At first I couldn’t understand why everyone in the organisation kept asking for the roadmap. Over my years in strategy roles I’ve come to realise roadmaps make good companies great.

7 ways roadmaps make good companies great

In this post we’ll look at seven ways roadmaps help companies focus on their priorities and achieve strong performance. Read More…

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