5 Keys to Success for A Rewarding Online Career

Over the last decade we’ve seen tremendous growth across all industries as a result of online transformation.  Today online careers are among the most dynamic and satisfying of any industry.

5 Keys To Success For A Rewarding Online Career

When we think of online transformation, we are likely to think of YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Google. Beyond these companies that are ‘first to mind’, many others now have ‘digital’ at the center of everything they do.  For example, a recent MIT study Read More…

Use Pen-and-Paper Wireframe Tools to Create Incredible User Experiences

Big ideas often start with a simple drawing. Whether it’s a new business idea or the solution to a problem. The same is also true for great User Experiences.


It might be hard to believe that some of the world’s best online experiences started with a sketch.

A sketch!? Yup. Not a project plan or a big requirement document, but an easy to understand drawing that answers the questions of “what do we want to create and how will it help the customer?”. Read More…

3 Lessons from The Kokoda Track

In August this year I walked the Kokoda Track for 8 days. We were a group of 6 hikers, our lead guide and accompanying porters. We had trained for 4 months and it was an experience of a lifetime.

3 Lessons From The Kokoda Track

There is a lot to be said about the simplicity of putting one foot in front of another for 8 hours a day. That itself puts things into perspective. And then there is the reflection of what the soldiers (on both sides) went through many decades before.  The walk changed my attitude to work and life. Read More…

6 Tips to Supercharge Your Next Brainstorming Workshop

Almost every other week I work with people to collect and prioritise ideas.  Ideas can act as a type of currency in the modern organisation.  In times of dramatic change, this currency becomes more valuable.

6 tips to supercharge your next brainstorming workshop

The challenge becomes, not just how to get the right people together, but how to most effectively share new ideas- and then selecting those ideas which have the greatest potential. Read More…

7 Rules of a Vision Statement that Lasts

A vision statement is something all organisations want to create, yet very few do well.

7 rules of a vision statement that lasts

I’m sure we’ve all been in workshops to create ‘vision statements’. What can often begin as high energy brainstorming sessions, end up with people agonising over which words to choose. When this happens, some simple tests can kick-start us out of frustration and help us refine and select a vision statement that works.

Before we look at the 7 rules, how about a dose of inspiration from some example vision statements. Read More…

Warning: 7 Headline Techniques To Explode Web Traffic

A simple truth is that creating a great headline can make a difference to whether someone chooses to click on a link to your website.

7 Headline Techniques to Explode Web Traffic

It used to be enough to simply build a website and wait to attract traffic. Today, there are new channels (Twitter, Facebook, Blog Syndication, etc) where you can circulate your message, provided it can be written in less than a paragraph.

Writing great headlines can explode your website traffic by having greater ‘pull’ and encouraging a higher ‘click through rate’. Read More…

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