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    Why Asana is the Ultimate Productivity Platform

    Asana and I have had an on and off again relationship for several years. I tried Asana. Then I switched....

  • Read: 5 Productivity Tips to Stop Time Rippling Away from You

    5 Productivity Tips to Stop Time Rippling Away from You

    Wouldn’t it be great to supercharge our productivity and not feel like time is slipping through our fingers? In...

  • 4-Steps-for-Creating-Goals-With-Long-Term-Impact

    4 Steps for Creating Goals with Long Term Impact

    Recently I expanded my horizons by attending a non-profit education day titled ‘assessing social impact for NGOs’. Here’s how...

  • Use SMART Goals and HARD Goals and Achieve High Performance

    Use SMART goals and HARD goals and achieve high performance

    Dr Edwin Locke’s pioneering research many decades ago connected setting goals and objectives with high performance.  Today, ‘SMART goals’ is...

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    The paperless home office: how to remove clutter and clear the mind

    You walk into your home office and instead of finding it a relaxing place to work, you’re unsettled by...

  • The Art of Rich Pictures to accelerate Big Thinking

    Our success in all aspects of life requires us to untangle complex problems or opportunities and make them simple...

  • 350_digital_tools

    .Photo by josh rockman

    Do you ever find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day to get through all that we have to do?  Over the last ten years I’ve taken an interest in the study and application of productivity.

    More than ever we need to find new ways to manage the ‘busyness’ in life, while at the same time keeping our mind calm and uncluttered, so we have all our resources available to focus on our goals.

    I want to share with you 6 digital tools I use every day and how they save me 350 hours per year.


  • how to make work a peak experience

    .Photo by hkinuthia

    Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed or, the reverse, bored at work? Do you find that time goes slower when this happens and that everything becomes a struggle?

    We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel like this from time to time. But, while a bit of stress can be a motivator, ongoing overwhelm or boredom can rob us of the feeling that we’re living and working towards our full potential. (more…)

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