4 Unbelievably Great Responsive Design Sites

4 Unbelievably Great Responsive Design Sites

Many people I speak with ask whether Responsive Design can be used to create websites for complex businesses.


In this post we look at 4 of the best sites I’ve seen this year, where companies have used Responsive Design to create sites that adjust fluidly whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
This post accompanies an earlier post I wrote on the merits of Responsive Design.


sbsA great example of how to use responsive website design for a media company, the SBS.com.au site is one of my most visited. The site is rich with images, includes an abundance of content, and really entices the user to browse through a variety of content. The video ‘play’ buttons are peppered through the imagery, inviting users to also engage with videos.

Good Friday Appeal

goodfridayappealThis year the Good Friday Appeal raised $16.8 million dollars. The fundraising activity is an institution in Melbourne (and internationally) and as the event has grown each year, it’s website has needed to change with it. The ultimate goal with any fundraising activity, is that people can donate money as quickly as possible, with minimum effort, wherever they are. What better candidate for a Responsive Design website than this? Regardless of device (smartphone, tablet or desktop), the donate button is highly visible, as is a variety of additional content for supporters and volunteers of the event.


garminMany people I speak with question whether Responsive Design makes sense for eCommerce sites. A highly dynamic, evolving and eCommerce driven company, Garmin has used Responsive Design to deliver an elegant shopping window to its customers across any device. On the mobile, the site enhances the mobile shopping experience with an always-visible ‘add to cart’ button, carousel style product display, and simple expand and collapse menus. Garmin achieves a compelling desktop experience for larger screens, as well as a tailored interface for mobile.


starbucksSimple, clean, and perfect on any display, Starbucks elegantly captures Responsive Design opportunity.  Take a look at the menu sections to see just how well images reformat to display from desktop through to mobile.  The best aspect of this site is that it is hard to fault the implementation of Responsive Design.  The worst is that the site will have you raving coffee….even at 10pm at night.
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