20 Reports for Digital Leaders: How to Setup for Success

20 Reports for Digital Leaders: How to Setup for Success
20 Reports for Digital Leaders

Earlier this year I invested time in finding publications and reports from 2011 to 2013 that provide deep insights into Digital Futures.  Many of these I tweeted in a special called ‘Reports for Digital Directors’.

My goal was to find quality material that would help today’s Digital Directors understand the biggest digital trends.

Whether you’re a Product Manager looking to launch your product online, or a Chief Digital Officer on the company board, these 20 reports from the world’s thought leaders will give you a sneak peak into the future.

1. Minding your Digital Business (PDF link) McKinsey & Co
2. Maximizing the Impact of Digitization (PDF link) Booz & Co
3. The Dawn of Mobile Influence (PDF link) Deloitte
4. Digital Differences (PDF link) Pew Research Center
5. The New Digital Mobile Consumer (PDF link) TCS
6. Australia’s Digital Future to 2050 (PDF link) Ibis World
7. Innovating for a Digital Future (PDF link) Deloitte
8. Internet Trends by Mary Meeker (PDF link) KPCB
9. Digital Universe Presentation  Roy Morgan
10. 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2013 (PDF link) Ericsson
11. 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry (PDF link) Michaela Stelzner
12. State of the Media: US Digital Consumer Report (PDF link) Neilsen
13. The 2012 Digital Marketer (PDF link) Experian
14. 2012 Mobile User Survey (PDF link) Keynote
15. The Connected Consumer 2012 (PDF link) Oracle
16. Mobile Millenials (PDF link) Buzz Media Labs
17. Digital Transformation: a roadmap for billion dollar organizations (PDF link) Cap Gemini
18. How do People Shop for Mobile Phones? Google / Compete
19. Insights on the Current State of BYOD (PDF link) Intel
20. The Future of Mobile  Business Insider

Question: Which of these reports did you find most useful?  Are there reports not mentioned here that you would recommend to others? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


Image: Rob Walker, Light Trails, flickr.com/photos/artwork_rebel/3381874659

I'm a digital strategist and channel manager with 15 years experience in digital, across marketing, e-commerce, online sales, digital and mobile app strategy. Companies I've worked for include Coles, ANZ and GlaxoSmithKline. I'm also a graduate and previous sessional lecturer of Strategic Foresight at Swinburne University.
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