How To Build Your Own Sketchnote Toolkit

How To Build Your Own Sketchnote Toolkit
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Over the last month I’ve been writing a short book titled “Learn To Sketchnote – How To Use Visual Thinking in Daily Life to Improve Communication & Problem Solving”.

I first started sketchnoting based on my annual experiment methodology of learning a new skill. Since then I’ve been continuously refining this craft.  It’s highly useful for working with digital teams to explore new opportunities.

Sketchnoting and visual thinking can use used for many purposes, from accelerating big thinking through to generating wireframes for prototypes, to creating strategy presentations. I’ve even used it as a method to interview mentors across industries.

In one of the sections of the guide we look at practical tools for skecthnoting.  It’s easy to build your own toolkit to carry with you on a daily basis.  Below is a photo of what I take with me. Everything (except the sketchbooks of course) fits in a neat case from Cordura.

Favorite tools are Mitisubishi Pencil Company Pens, TomBow ABT Dual Brush Pens, Rotring Pencils and Mnemosyne Notebooks.

If you have any questions about sketchnoting or your own experiences from sketchnoting, why not share your thoughts by adding a comment below.

Photo of what's in my sketchnote toolkit

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